Pacific Production Company

Company profile:
Pacific Production Company is producer and direct exporter of dried natural products mainly:- White rice, jasmine rice, glutinous rice.- Black pepper, white pepper.- Robusta coffee, Arabica coffee, Roasted and green.- Cashew nuts without shell.- Coconut: Desiccated coconut, coconut fruits.- Tapioca starch.- Yellow corns.We produce the dried foods according to buyer’s orders according to HACCP standard, with quality control (QC) staff, processing and quality control 10 years experienced.Our products are faithful quality, most reasonable cost exported and accepted by countries over the world with regular delivery, best after-sale service, cheap and safe .Welcome all customers over the world .


Company type(s):
Developer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

Products / Services:
Agriculture Supplies: Agriculture Seeds, Agriculture Supplies
Animal Feed: Peanuts, Whole Barley, Whole Corn, Whole Grains, Whole Rice
Baby Products: Baby Food
Beverages: Alcoholic Beverages, Ale, Apple Juice, Beer, Beverages, Brandy, Ciders, Coffee, Coffee Beans, Coffee Pads, etc
Fertilizers: Ammonia Fertilizers, Animal & Plant Based Organic Fertilizers, Animal-Based Organic Fertilizers, Micronutrient Fertilizers, Mineral-Based Organic Fertilizers, NK Fertilizers
Food: Alcoholic Beverages, Apple Juice, Baby Food, Beer, Beverages, Black Pepper, Cashewnuts, Ciders, Coconuts, Coffee, etc
Fruits: Coconuts, Fresh Apples, Fresh Bananas, Fresh Carambolas, Fresh Grapefruits, Fresh Grapes, Fresh Kiwis, Fresh Lemons, Fresh Mangoes, Fresh Nectarines, etc
Furniture: Garden Tables
Garden Products: Garden Equipment, Garden Seeds, Garden Services, Garden Tables
Grains: Rice, Whole Barley, Whole Corn, Whole Rice
Herbs: Tarragon
Horticulture Supplies: Horticulture Supplies
Seeds: Seeds
Plants: Plants
Spices: Black Pepper, Cumin, Onion Powder, Tamarind
Vegetables: Maize, Tomatoes
Snacks: Cashewnuts, Snacks
Food Ingredients: Fruit Juice Concentrates, Fruit Nectar Concentrates, Tarragon, Tea Bricks


Export world part:
worldAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaSouth America


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Year of establishment:

Turn over:

$ 1,000,000 - $ 10,000,000